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Personal financial service

Between Family, Work, and Life, personal finances can be difficult to devote the proper amount of time to. We seek to build a relationship with you to provide the best financial services for your needs, from yearly tax preparation, estate planning, or an audit, we supply the expertise you need to make your finances less stressful.

Tax Preparation
If your situation requires more than what the many online or chain preparation offices can provide, we can help you. In our individualized interview we determine the many aspects of your finances to find the most effective tax strategy for you individually.

Transactional Tax Planning
Whether it is a single event such as selling a business or an ongoing situation like owning a business, we plan for the best tax strategy for you.

IRS and State Audit Assistance
If you are selected for audit, we can be there with you or if desired, in your place to deal with requests for information from the Internal Revenue Service.

Estate Planning and Retirement Services
Though we do not sell financial products such as insurance or mutual funds, our experience in the financial world gives us the ability to independently and objectively review and give suggestions for your personal financial, retirement, and estate plans.

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